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Jan 13 at 08:26 PM

Window functions in CDS for Hana. How to use?



Recently in CAP window functions have been introduced. However when I try to compile such a view I have a message like this:

[ERROR] db/models/payops_tooling/timeline.cds:177:9: Window functions are not supported by SAP HANA CDS (in entity:"timeline_views.payout_balance_1"/select/column:"withdraw_partition")

Debugging the code I have found that hdbcds is causing this message. So i have added following line into cdsrc.json

"hana": {
        "deploy-format": "hdbtable"

After this view compiled but like this:


Could you please review what goes wrong? Thank you!

It would be great to have it fixed. Right now we are creating hdbviews manually and declaring those views in cds with @cds.persistence.exists which is additional work.


image.png (53.8 kB)