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Jan 13 at 08:12 PM

[cds] - [WARNING] Do not use “@cds.persistence.exists” on an entity



Could you please explain what does this warning mean?

cds] - [WARNING] db/models/bizent/schema.cds:2:8: Do not use “@cds.persistence.exists” on an entity named “” in SAP HANA CDS when we also create a SAP HANA CDS context named “” (in entity:"")

After upgrading to a recent version we started having tons of such messages ( we have around 100 existing tables ). Tables are defined like this:

Entity ![] {
key 	![ASSET_ID]: String(100)  @title: 'ASSET_ID: Asset Id' ; 
key 	![ASSET_TYPE]: String(100)  @title: 'ASSET_TYPE: Asset Type' ; 
	![ASSET_NAME]: String(255)  @title: 'ASSET_NAME: Asset Name' ; 

and later consume like this ( converting name to a lower case for rest api )

using {hdw_bizent} from './schema';
entity as projection on {
	ASSET_ID as asset_id,
	ASSET_TYPE as asset_type,
	ASSET_NAME as asset_name,

the real table name is resolved in synonyms.

What is wrong here and why it is a warning? Won't it appear then later to be an error?