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Jan 13 at 08:53 PM

using datareader record count showing one less


I'm using crystal report in my x64 windows system using I have a scenario where more than 25 lacs records coming through a dynamic query. using datatable i'm gettign system outof memory issue, so i used on datareader instead datatable. everything works fine but total records of the formula returning 1 value less.

here is my formula

totext(Count ({ado.Student}) ,0) + " records selected" --student is one of the column

Suppose if I got total of 20 records in sql query then it's showing like "20 records selected" it's works fine until I'm using datatable. but it's failed when I changed to datatareader. it's showing like "19 records selected". I verified the sql data before the query execution. and front end also i'm getting the total records. only issue is total records. can any one helps me for this