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Jan 13 at 03:12 PM

ff_5 "Sum of line items does not match closing balance '


Hello everyone,

When downloading an ETEBAC type EBS via transaction FF_5 and the sum of the opening balance and the debit and credit operations does not correspond to the closing balance, the system does not block the user, even if we have chosen message type A for msg fb876.

I have noticed that the system ignores the closing balance shown in the etebac file and automatically calculates the correct sum. and in the display of the banking satellite after the publication, there is a msg indicating that there is a difference.


Kindly, let me know if there is a way taht the sys block the loading of the EBS, if the 'Sum of line items does not match closing balance 'Thanks in advance


image.png (203.5 kB)
image.png (202.9 kB)