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Jan 20, 2022 at 02:57 PM

BTP Cap Launchpad Tile visibility


Hey guys,

i have deployed mutliple CAP apps to my trial BTP and integrated those apps in my trial launchpad.

I gave myself all needed Roles and Role-Collections, so that i can see all apps(tiles) in my launchpad and all of them are working.

What i want:

Lets say i have two tiles, Tile1 and Tile2, but can only see Tile1 (Tile2 is hidden at the moment). I click on Tile1 and the app opens. Here i perform an action (press a button or check a checkbox) and confirm. With this action my user gets the "right" to see Tile2 in the launchpad. So if i go back to my launchpad, i can now see and click on Tile2.

My question: Is it possible to change the visibility of one tile through another one?

I know that you manage the launchpad apps under Security in the BTP, but i am curious too know if this is possible.

Thanks and regards,