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Jan 17, 2022 at 08:56 AM

AfO-Content Workbooks for /ERP/SFIN_PLANNING - Zero surpression

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Hi Experts,

we have activated the /ERP/SFIN_PLANNING-Content in our S4HANA System. Generally it works, however we have set the content Query: /ERP/SFIN_A01//ERP/SFIN_A01_IRQ0001 so that all the Master Data (hierarchy nodes) can be shown and when we open the Query in AfO-Workbook "Cost Center Planning on Period", not the entire nodes of the hierarchy are displayed, because of the Zero Surpression! If we open the query directly in AfO, (not through the workbook mentioned above) it shows it is fine. Do you have any idea where this issue can come from.



If we open the Content-Workbook: Cost Center Planing on Periodes, as explained above, it does not shown all the hierarchy nodes (also those without values). In the settings of the workbook, the checks are deactivated.



But if we open the Content Query: /ERP/SFIN_A01//ERP/SFIN_A01_IRQ0001 used in the workbook, then it shows all the nodes, and thus everything fine.


Do you perhaps any suggestion for me? Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,