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6 days ago

DME file before exporting to text file.


Hello everybody.

I have a request to make. I need to modify the output form of the text file that is exported from the FDTA transaction. The program that fills this file is RFFOBR_U, in the RFFORIY2 include.

Within this program, the structures j_1bdmexh1, j_1bdmexh2, j_1bdmex, j_1bdmexb, j_1bdmexj, J_1BDMEXJ52 J_1BDFEBJ52 j_1bdmext2, j_1bdmext1, are filled with this data from the text file. I need to modify the output form of this file before it is exported. Where is the information saved? In which table is the information saved so that I can view and modify it through an enhancement?

Original file from FDTA:


Manually modified file for example output:



image.png (23.6 kB)
image.png (28.2 kB)