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6 days ago

Opening a SAC Story/Application based on BW query from another Application

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Hi ,

I am trying to open a SAC application from Application design. The target application is on top of a BW query.

Using NavigationUtils.openApplication I am able to open the application,pass parameter values or create a story filter(in case of story) with a dimension from the source application. But not able to send the BW prompt variable value.

Tried the below script


Tried this also

//NavigationUtils.openApplication("27C97803XXXXXXA954AC373821CC", [UrlParameter.create("f01Model","H.0:C5tirdoh1hrhgp6hu40prwb9c"),UrlParameter.create("f01Dim", "0CALYEAR" ),UrlParameter.create("f01Val","2020" )],true);

0CALYEAR is the BW variable id

it opens the target application but the BW prompt value is not getting overridden or influenced.

Can anyone please help me on this.


Subhankar Mondal