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Jan 13 at 01:18 PM

SAP BW4HANA (2.0 SP7 )- DTO Optimization


Hi Experts ,

As of now Manually Implemented the DTO for an ADSO,Using TCODE : RSOADSODTO changing the Temperature of the data (Hot to Warm / Warm to Hot).

But my Requirement was I need to automate threw Process chain in B4HANA , How I can automate threw Process chains in B4HANA system .

Ex : Cal year : 2021 Data in hot

2019 Data in warm threw process chain automatically 2021 temp need to changed to Warm and

2022 should be in HOT this is was my exact requirement .

Yes as per the Latest document SAP had provided some of the APIs like RSO_ADSO_DTO_API_SET_TEMPS / RSO_ADSO_DTO_API_GET_INFO / RSO_ADSO_DTO_API_EXECUTE .

Not sure the Importance of each API. How exactly I need to make use of those , Also trying to Include API RSO_ADSO_DTO_API_SET_TEMPS in process chain but I am not able to find it in Process chain in B4HANA for ref attaching the screen shot .

Could you please Guys guide me how to schedule it in Process Chain as per my requirement .Thank you.dto-1.pngdto-2.png


dto-1.png (120.7 kB)
dto-2.png (59.2 kB)