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Jan 13, 2022 at 03:36 PM

How to get a x-csrf-token from on-prem System for a POST API

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Hi all,

just now the POST call of my API from the API Management is not working, because of the X-CSRF-TOKEN. I want to use the API to add data into a database table. Behind the API is an O-Data service.

My first step was to create an API provider with the target on prem system. This works without problems and I used it when I was creating my API.

The next step was to create my REST-API with the desired O-Data service. After I created the API, I created some policies. These are based on the following article:

And my service callout policy looks like this:


As a path, I use the API Base Path from the same API:


The GET-Request works fine and gives me Data from the Database.

The POST-Request sends the error: "{

"faultstring":"Unresolved variable : servicecallOutResponse.header.x-csrf-token",

The HTTP-Error Code is 500.

Unfortunately I don't know why this behavior occurs so feel free to answer.

Best regards,



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