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Jan 19, 2022 at 05:32 PM

Delivery Creation qty


hi SAP experts

Scenario - We have 0001 sloc and 0002 sloc in the same plant.

1. During customers order delivery creation, SAP will check the inventory at plant level. While we only ship at sloc 0001.

2. So in case sloc 0001 has no stock, SAP will then look into another sloc(0002) which is not correct.

How come it does not just update the qty in the delivery to be 0 and not find stock at another sloc since in the delivery we are using is sloc 0001. We will just find out that there are decifit error once we go in GI process.

I tried a test delivery in test box for both slocs not having stocks and the qty turned out to be 0 when creating the delivery. I want something like that to happen when there is no stock in the sloc 0001 we inputed in delivery even there is stock in sloc 0002