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Jan 17 at 05:31 PM

UDT connection "Account Locked". Connection using tnsnames.ora file


Hi. So a little background here. We have several connections utilizing the tnsnames.ora. This is to have little maintenance on them in case the oracle host changes, we only have to change the entry on the tnsnames.ora file. This was working fine until recently.

Its kind of weird since the error "Account Locked" is only appearing when testing the connection via UDT. If we refresh a report (with a universe utilizing said connection), it refreshes fine. If we change the service from the tnsname entry to the full connection string, it tests fine. tnsping to the said oracle service also tests properly so we now that the tns entry is correct.

I've already tried restarting the connection server to see if it would resolve the issue, but no go.

Any ideas?