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Jan 17 at 05:20 PM

GLM Label (Change Barcode Font)


I am a novice to SAP and GLM but I have been brought into a project trying to get Code128 barcode font printing onto a label.

Situation is that our organization has merged with a division of another that is using GLM. From what I understand we have copied their SAP system into a test environment (TE01) so we can verify that we can replicate the services provided by the other organization.

I've found this regarding fonts in GLM:

1. Acquire a registered font for your bar code and install it.

2. Write your own conversion program (ABAP function module) that adjusts the values. The interface must correspond to the function module C128_DUMMY_CONVERSION_METHOD.

3. Use the function module C128_DUMMY_CONVERSION_METHOD as the method for the corresponding symbol in the template (expansion mode M) or in the symbol definition.

4. Format the symbol in the template with the corresponding font.

We have 1-3 completed (we are using the other organization's C128 function as we have that copied into TE01. But our consultants created the WWI server from 'scratch' (not based upon other organization's WWI server).

We are testing the printing and, after installing the same fonts the other organization said they purchased, we are not getting any barcodes.

We attempt to edit the template and noticed that the barcode font name shown on the screen (in the symbol I believe it's called) is not the name of any of the fonts we've purchased. The second organization is, unfortunately, not cooperating very much with our team. There is nobody on our team that has used this process so we are not certain what is missing.

We know the font name doesn't match because in Design mode, we highlight the text in front of the call to the C128_conversion_method specified, and change the font which we don't have to one of them we just purchased. Our GLM person then tries to save this change and preview the label, we get nothing but the text value retrieved (no barcode, just the letters and what looks like some char in the front "|" and something I don't recall at the end. This is probably the indicator that the information is for a code128 barcode. I believe that indicates that it is being processed by the C128 function properly, but I am not 100% certain.

When our GLM person goes back to the template, our change of the font was not saved. The name is still the name of the old, original, barcode (again, which we don't have).

Another point is, a business user from the second organization's division that we are merging with *CAN* preview the barcode with the old font name (he had the fonts installed on his PC by the second organization).

So, sorry for the long post but I don't know enough to know what isn't necessary, what I would like to do is find a way, using the GLM templates/symbols or other necessary element(s), to change the barcode being referenced to one that we have.

As I said, I'm a noobie, but our GLM people might understand how I can get to specific documentation or references. We appreciate any assistance as we are under the deadline for testing of Jan 28, 2022.

Thank you