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Jan 17, 2022 at 10:35 AM

Reclassification Rules in Subsequent Period of Group Reporting S4H Version 1909


Dear Experts,

We have implemented group reporting in S4H 1909 version by applying Consolidation with Reclassification Rules.

In first consolidation period whatever be the legacy data is uploaded, that has been properly consolidated as per various reclassification rules but in subsequent period consolidation entry is only posted for minority portion(say 10%) of net income under reclassification method "Consolidation/Elimination of Investment/ Equity_2100"

Now client required that majority portion of Net Income of subsidiary consolidation unit will also post to the Investment in Subsidiary account of holding company in subsequent period.

I have tried to create multiple custom reclassification rules of which triggering item is Net Income of subsidiary but post journal entry in both consolidation unit but unfortunately not able to generate required entry in both the units and only able to capture for minority portion(10%) and not for majority portion(90%).

can anyone please suggest how we can create the custom rule so that entry can be triggered in both the Units as per share holding pattern and what would be the implication of the same.