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5 days ago

MRP PR Picks the Reference pur orga, instead picks the pur orga from source list`

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Hi expert,

MRP PR picks the Reference purchase organization “RPOR” instead pick the Purchase organization PORG from source list. source list maintained for purchase organization “ PORG, vendor, agreement (contract ) & MRP 1

1. Info record created for purchase organization “ PORG” (No Quota arrangement maintained)

2. Contract has created for Reference purchase organization “RPOR”.

3. Maintained source list with (purchase organization” PORG, vendor, agreement (contract) & MRP 1)

4. PR Generated through MRP, that fetch vendor & agreement from source list. But don’t pick purchase organization PORG. In PR reference purchase organization RORG is picked (contract has created for reference pur org)

Why MRP PR picks the references purchase organization- RORG instead to pick the purchase organization –PORG from source list ..?