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6 days ago

Profitability segment does not adhere to derivation rules - COPA Question


Hi Experts,

I trying to upload test budget in COPA for 2022. I have different scenarios like regular upload, modification of numbers, deletion, AVL sales and AVL elimination. All of them are working except for AVL elimination.

For corresponding customer and profit center I upload AVL sales file and it worked fine, however for same customer and profit center AVL elimination is giving error "Profitability segment does not adhere to derivation rules".

I checked the derivation rules in KEDR and AVL elimination is assigned 757 sales group. Below I have attached screenshots for both the t-codes (KE13N and KEDR). I would really appreciate your help, since we are around the corner to upload the final numbers.

Thank you,





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2.png (11.6 kB)