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Jan 14, 2022 at 04:38 PM

SAC Analytics Cloud - aggregation


I need to graph an average of cumulative data, based on a transformed date dimension* with a live connection.

*We modified the date to a number to allow comparison between the Nth workday of the month, eliminating differences in holidays and different starting days in the month.


So the above should be this (of which i need to display the last column in a line graph with the number as the x-axis):


I have already seen several articles/resources offering different possibilities, but none of these solutions have worked for us (among others;

Since i can't change the datasource I thought I could simulate solution 4 of the article by adding a seperate excel file to transform the number to a cumulative, and link the dimension.

so this:


But i can't seem to get this to work either.

Does anyone how I have to do this (or if it is possible at all)?


image.png (6.7 kB)
image.png (2.7 kB)
image.png (767 B)