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6 days ago

Exclusion of one purchase order item from header condition split


Good morning everyone, this is my first SAP thread and I hope I can find some help here

Here's my scenario

My customer wanted to manage header condition types (Freight, Insurance etc.) and split their value through purchase order items.

I created these header condition types with M/06 and assigned a schema with M/08. Everything was done standard SAP and was fine.

What happened next: my customer has started to add new PO item with packaging material used for trasportation of materials in the same purchase order (they have decided it for several reasons).

The problem is that adding packaging material (example: they have spent 7 EUR for 30 PAL), header condition types increase because for new item was added.

Let me show an example: the total of material (140 CT) in the PO equals to 30 pallets (30 PAL)


Freight costs total is 150 euro. This amount is the correct one.

When they add packaging material used for material transportation, header freight costs doubles


Is there any way to exclude a purchase item (VERP material) from header condition type?

Thank you in advance



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image.png (68.7 kB)