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How to display Material images in UI5/FIORI application using URL pointing to a file

Hello Team,

I have a scenario where I have to display Material images in front of the Material number in my UI5 table enabled on FIORI launchpad. Currently the images are stored as <Material No>.JPG files on the Frontend gateway ABAP server in a folder. What is the best way to display the images. I have read other posts on the forum and found different approaches where the images are uploaded in either the mime repository OR BDS, but we have these on the server folder. Please guide me with following:

Can I access the file using a URL? If yes, how do I construct the URL to point to the image file. I am assuming, that since the ABAP system has an inbuilt web server, I should be able to somehow specify the URL in my app. Problem is, what is the URL

Thank you for your guidance

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  • Any pointers please? In theory this looks simple but when I try http://server:8010/datafiles/MaterialImages/<Material>.JPG in my UI5 frontend code I am getting a 404 (not found) error. Your guidance will be much appreciated!! Thank you

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1 Answer

  • Aug 30, 2017 at 08:24 PM

    make sure you have the correct path and also the file name is correctly spelled (case sensitive) and also file extension should be correct.

    If you are able to open the image file from the browser (different tab), then you should be able to use this same url on the control. If you are using a binding on the image src property, make sure you construct the src path correctly. Maybe show your current code so that others are able to see what you have - maybe it is a syntax error on your code. It is hard to troubleshoot without your code

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