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Jan 12 at 03:50 AM

JSON Data for creating material documents(Purchase Order Goods Receipt)


Dear Experts,

I would like to create a material document of the goods receipt for purchase order using the OData API.

Target purhcase order is the Assembly Subcontracting and there are component items in this purchase order, and I would like to issueing the component item stock at the same time as receiving the goods.

I used the following JSON data, but I got the following error:

[JSON Data]


"PostingDate": "2022-01-08T00:00:00",

"GoodsMovementCode": "01",

"to_MaterialDocumentItem": [


"Material": "JKT3237:PR_T01",

"Plant": "10",

"StorageLocation": "1604",

"Batch": "220108",

"GoodsMovementType": "101",

"PurchaseOrder": "4500000548",

"PurchaseOrderItem": "10",

"GoodsMovementRefDocType": "B",

"EntryUnit": "PC",

"QuantityInEntryUnit": "100",

"IsCompletelyDelivered": true



"Material": "10006854",

"Plant": "10",

"GoodsMovementType": "543",

"InventorySpecialStockType": "O",

"Supplier": "1100005",

"PurchaseOrder": "4500000548",

"PurchaseOrderItem": "10",

"EntryUnit": "KG",

"QuantityInEntryUnit": "0.500"




[Error Message]

Account 51000000 requires an account assignment relevant to cost accounting

Could you give me some advice?

Kind regards