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Jan 07, 2022 at 04:16 PM

Best practice for SAPB1 Terminal Server



We are using SAP Business One 10 FP 2108 with Hotfix, version HANA. We try to handle simultaneously around 190 users on 4 terminal server but is very slow and as a result has great delay impact on working hours of users.

The specs of terminal servers are the below:

CPUs Memory

Terminal1 vCores: 24 RAM:168

Terminal2 vCores: 24 RAM:168

Terminal3 vCores :12 RAM:128

Terminal4 vCores :12 RAM:128

Each one of them hosts 45 to 50 users (max). Keep in mind that in order to gain access to SAP Business One Client the terminal servers when you login via RDP it opens the SAP Business One Client (redirects you only to the SAP Client, not on desktop environment).

As most of the resources are not in use only CPU 20% , RAM 40% on terminal servers and even less on DB – Application Server, is there any other optimization or best practice to apply in order to speed up the SAPB1 client response.

Best Regards,

Vassilis Korolis