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Jan 12 at 04:35 PM

F110 - FBZP Different paying entity according the payment method in a Pay-On-Behalf-Of scenario


Dear Experts,

Our Finance have a payment run requirement of below scenario.

Company X is the holding company with 7 subsidaries, i.e. 7 companies YY's.

All companies have payment methods A, B, C, D and 1. X pays on behalf of YY's for payment method A, B, C, D.

i.e. X pays its vendor invoices and YY's vendor invoices from X's house bank account if payment method is A/B/C/D.

X and YY's could pay respective vendor invoices from own house bank account if payment method is 1.

So I configured FBZP as below wrt a community Q&A

- <All company codes> X's and YY's paying company are all 'X', sending company are their own.

- <Pmnt methods in company code> X has payment methods A,B,C,D. YY's have payment method 1 only. To test YY's payment with payment method 1 won't be affected by the paying company X, I did not configure method 1 for X.

In testing of F110, X or YY's payments with A,B,C,D have no issue. Since X is YY's paying company, SAP got X's house bank account and paid YY's vendor invoices on behalf. But YY's payments with payment method 1 got issue at proposal run. It pops below error and it looks like SAP still try to get X's house bank. As X does not have payment method 1, it issues errors.

- FZ304 Information re. vendor &&1/ customer / paying company code X ...

- FZ390 Payment with currency &&1, payment method : No valid payment procedure

Our SAP version is SAP4HANA ON PREMISE 1709.

Please advise if there is any missout steps or config. Thanks and Regards