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Jan 11 at 07:21 AM

Time restricted measures and calculating deltas in SAC Analytic Apps

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Is there a way to have date restricted measures and comparisons (for example market share of product XY in Nov 21 and Nov 20 -> delta comparison) in analytic apps, where the end user is able to select the time period?

In stories, you can create a current date input control (see this blog: Date Calculations in SAP Analytics Cloud using Custom Date | SAP Blogs). This let's you easily calculate custom date-based measures and offset measures. Unfortunately, this seems not to be possible in analytic apps.

Simple date filters unfortunately didn't work, because comparisons over time are not possible then. (for example: User selects Nov 21 -> Nov 20 data is not available).

I also tried to build custom dropdown menus, but unfortunately I didn't find a way/it seems to be impossible to manipulate the date restriction of the restricted measures via scripting.

Does someone have a solution or an idea?

Thanks in advance!