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Jan 10 at 11:28 AM

Enhancement in MIRO for update vendor reconciliation account at the time of MIRO posting


Dear All,

We have a requirement, where we need to update the vendor reconciliation account in accounting document of MIRO.

Business Scenario:

We are purchasing material for the Capital nature of work and O&M nature of supply from the same vendor. We have separate reconciliation account for capital and O&M purchase in chart of account.

In vendor master, we can assign only one reconciliation account (either capital or O&M) .

for example - we are assigned recon. account for O&M in vendor master.

Now , if we are purchasing the material for capital works with (different PO type and account assignment category) from the same vendor whose recon. account is maintained as O&M recon. account in vendor master.

in this case, at the time of MIRO posting, system should update the recon. account in accounting document of capital nature (if it is project purchase).

Is there any standard enhancement is available in MIRO for meeting this requirement.

Your valuable input is required.

Thanks & Regards,