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Jan 10, 2022 at 08:19 AM

Helpful not-found page in Collaboration Hub


"Can you please update my access rights?" - is a recurring question I get from users as they are navigating the Collaboration Hub in spaces where active development takes place. In our workspace, sometimes links from Published to not-yet-published diagrams can be found. Or something may have been deleted and the referring diagrams are not updated.

In our workspace, it is never an issue of access rights, as we have the policy that all authenticated Hub users have their right group and can view all that is accessible to them. 99% of the time the answer is to "switch to Preview mode" (on the interface of newly developed and existing processes). The other 1% is a broken link.

I do not blame the users for posing the question, as the landing page is not helpful (the original Collaboration Hub version was actually more helpful than the page in the Velocity release which we do not use yet).

Velocity style:

Original Hub style:

Do others experience this inconvenience too? If so, how do you deal with this effectively? Can we think of something which would actually help the confused Hub user to get the right feedback and be most of the time happily on his/her way without having to ask someone?

I would like to propose that such a page ideally:

  • provides the authenticated user with an actual error (e.g. not found, no rights, not yet published, ...)
  • provides the user with help to recover gracefully from the error (e.g. traceback to the referring page with request to inform the owner, link to the admin for access rights, steps to go to preview mode, ...)
  • in case of broken links, informs the owner of the diagram (or an admin) of the broken link

Thoughts? Additions?