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Jan 06, 2022 at 05:23 PM

Modify the condition value of down payments (AZWB)



I have just set up a process in our system to manage customer down payments.

I followed the following blog: Down-Payment Process without billing plan in SAP

All are OK, but I have a little problem. It is because I cannot modify the values of the AZWB condition.

Condition AZWB retrieves the total value of down payments entered in f-29 if its value is lower than the invoice price, and if it is higher it takes the total amount of the invoice as value.

My goal is to determine the value it should be eg 10% of the invoice amount.

For example :

on F-29 I enter a down payments of 100 000 dollars

and in the invoice I have the amount of 10 000 dollars.

currently, since the down payments is greater than the invoice, the system will put in AZWB 10 000 dollars. But I only want him to put 10% = 1000 dollars.

Is there a way to handle this ?

NB: my sales order have several items, and the invoice is for outgoing deliveries.

Many thanks.