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Jan 06, 2022 at 04:11 PM

Invoice verification against Bill of lading number in Inbound Delivery


Dear experts, system is allowing to post Invoice Document against Bill of Lading number only for 16 digits.

But, user has created the Inbound Delivery (VL31/VL32N) with Bill of Lading number with 25 digits (System allowing to enter Bill Of Lading number up to 35 digits).

How to resolve this issue? Can we increase the field length of Bill of Lading in MIRO and MIGO screen?

Or do we need to request the user to follow it as compliance entering the Bill of lading as only 16 digits at the time Inbound Delivery (VL31N) or GRN creation (MIGO)? But still why in VL31N & VL32N, it is allowing to enter up to 35 digits for BillOfLad.