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5 days ago

Maximum number of Infoproviders and Infoobjects in HCPR


Dear Experts,

Currently I am facing issue with queries on Composite Provider. Its a new HCPR which contains 94 HANA Optimized Cubes. (BW on HANA)

I have performed a check in RSRV and I am getting the below error message.


Is there any limitation in the number of Infoproviders that can be added to HCPR.

Also is there any limitation in the no of elements in a Query?

one more issue which i am facing is Query contains 2 structures and KF Structure contains only 1 Direct KF and the other structure contains 2 selections rows with selection on infoprovider only. but there is no data coming. but with only 1 selection row its displaying data

I am able to see the data of HCPR by displaying the data.

where as we have a Multiprovider with same cubes but its displaying the data in query.

Request you to please share your thoughts to over come this issue.



image.png (16.6 kB)