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6 days ago

Open SAP Course Developing and Extending SAP Fiori Elements Apps - /dmo/cl_fe_travel_generator issue

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Hi Experts,

I was following the open sap course Developing and Extending SAP Fiori Elements Apps, and couldn't use the class /dmo/cl_fe_travel_generator to generate the services and CDS.

I keep getting below error.

Raz Korn Oliver Graeff Any solutions to this?

SAP Fiori elements exercise generator


PUT operation failed.

Class name:


Source position:


Additional messages:

DEVC ZFE_TRAVELING_000000: Object R3TR DEVC ZFE_TRAVELING_000000 is already locked on transport request TRLK900814.

Stack trace:

CX_XCO_RUNTIME_EXCEPTION constructor [method] Line: 15

CX_XCO_GEN_PUT_EXCEPTION constructor [method] Line: 1

CX_XCO_GEN_PUT_EXCEPTION for_ongoing_operation [method] Line: 3

CL_XCO_GEN_O_PUT_ABSTRACT execute [method] Line: 8

CL_XCO_GEN_DEVC_O_PUT if_xco_gen_devc_o_put~execute [method] Line: 4

CL_XCO_CP_GEN_DEVC_O_PUT if_xco_cp_gen_o_put~execute [method] Line: 1

/DMO/CL_FE_TRAVEL_GENERATOR create_package [method] Line: 5

/DMO/CL_FE_TRAVEL_GENERATOR main [method] Line: 11

CL_XCO_ADT_CR_SIMPLE_ACTION execute [method] Line: 1

CL_XCO_DP_ACTION_ABSTRACT if_xco_dp_action~execute [method] Line: 8

CL_XCO_ADT_CALL_CLASSRUN if_xco_rt_adt_call_classrun~dispatch [method] Line: 1

CL_XCO_RT_ADT_CLASSRUN_ABSTR if_oo_adt_classrun~main [method] Line: 12

CL_OO_ADT_RES_CLASSRUN execute_clas [method] Line: 118

CL_OO_ADT_RES_CLASSRUN post [method] Line: 41

CL_ADT_REST_RESOURCE if_rest_handler~handle [method] Line: 21

CL_REST_ROUTER if_rest_handler~handle [method] Line: 59

CL_REST_HTTP_HANDLER if_http_extension~handle_request [method] Line: 98

CL_ADT_WB_RES_APP lif_request_handler~handle_request [method] Line: 18

CL_ADT_WB_RES_APP handle_request [method] Line: 316