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Jan 06, 2022 at 08:02 PM

SAP Odata v2 handles deep JSON structures


Hello Experts,

I have a requirement where i am getting a nested json as input to my Odata.


{"O_1" : {"O_2 ": {"O_3" : ["A_1": {1},{2} ] } } }

I am not sure how this will be desearilized into SAP ODATA so that data can be used in backend.

Object O_1,O_2 dose not have any property. I am not sure how this deep structure will be deserilised in SAP.

Creating an Entity named O_1 without any property is not possible.

navigation to entity to entity set without properties is not feasible.

Can someone help me with how i can read this JSON input for the HTTP request in ODATA?

If i can get some expert advice on this?