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Jan 12 at 02:50 PM

problem with cross app back navigation

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I am navigating to a second app with semantic object and intent (action).

That works fine, i read the startup params and can do the right things in the second app.

But the problem is, when I press the standard back button (browser or SAP Header) it sends me back to the first app only with ...flp#semanticObject-intent&/ - but this is not the url from which I called the second app (parameter like customer missing).

So what is the right way to navigate back to my first app. I called the second app with a selected customer in the first app (which works fine), and so I have to restore this when I come back from the second app.

Do I have to make my own button 'back to...' and do another cross app navigation back ?

Do the standard back-buttons not work in cross app navigation ?

Thanks for your help