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Jan 09 at 08:39 PM

Foreign Exchange Refinitiv to SAP Market Rates Management


Hi Experts/Mentors,

Happy New Year !!

Stuck in new requirement need help and suggestions : Foreign Exchange Refinitiv to SAP Market Rates Management

Refinitiv provide a RESTful API to fetch the rates required, and SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) Market Rates Management (MRM) also provides a RESTful API to deliver the rates to the module.

A high level summery of the process is:

1. GET a list of files from Refinitiv for the day

2. GET the contents of each file

3. Convert the Market Rates from Refinitiv into to required format for SAP Market Rates Management Upload

4. POST the Market Rates to SAP Market Rates Management API

Queries arises:

Q1) As in our project we are working on BTP NEO Cockpit instead of Cloud Foundry we can use MRM as in most of the sap standard documents related to above interface scenario mention about cloud foundary.

Q2) As API is new for me not able able to understand from where to start, tried to search for similar kind of requirement in community but no luck. Please share link if its already there.