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Jan 06 at 06:03 AM

Wrong display of the year for the last 3 fiscal months in SAP Analytics Cloud


We are using fiscal year with the variant V3 in which the starting month is April of the current year and the ending month is March of the next year. When we use the fiscal month as the story filter and the same is used in the dynamic text, we are getting wrong description of the fiscal year.

Eg: When we select Jan 2022 as the month, it is the 10th period of the fiscal year 2021. It has to display Jan 2022 and in the dynamic text, it has to display for the month of Jan 2022. Instead it takes the fiscal year 2021 in the display and shows the result as for the month of Jan 2021 which is not the correct one.

Kindly resolve this so that our end users got confussion while comparing this with the relevant months.