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Jan 04 at 12:41 PM

Regarding alerts in SAP BW Process chains


Hello SAP BW Gurus

Could you please guide me how to achieve the below given two requirements in a single process?

1.When a Process chain is started (at the Start variant of the process chain ) and ended /finished (after last successful completion of the process step of the particular process chain ..Lets say after activate DSO is successful ) an email has to be sent to particular user group.

For this i have seen like need to right click on the process step and create message etc. Its straight forward i have understood this approach to achieve the above requirement.

2.When a process chain is failed at any process step (It could be Execute info package , DSO activation , DTP etc. ) an email notification has to be sent (It should clear mention this particular process step has been failed with technical name of the process step and description of the message )to the particular user group (Support team of the organization). In order to achieve this do we need to set the messages (right click on process step and create message and add recipient lists ) at each and every process step ? or do we have any other approach to follow

Note : I have already seen the relevant threads in SCN forum but ..i have some doubts regarding question no 2 .

My Point is i need to follow a certain procedure so that as shown above scenario 1 , 2 both will be covered