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Jan 05, 2022 at 06:22 AM

S4 Hana Cloud and IBP Integration


Hi All,

I am kind of new for Integration and below are the status and few queries for which need right direction.

  1. We have already connected S/4 Hana on Premise with IBP using CPI DS and SDI Agent. Also, installed IBP Add on in S/4 Hana on premise system. After doing this we are able to send data to IBP for time series and Order based. Query is In case of S/4 Hana Cloud Integration with IBP, do we need to have same arrangement ?
  2. If No, do we need to use Odata services and Odata Adapter for data flow ?
  3. If we have to use Odata services, do we need to install to IBP Add on in S/4 Hana cloud or not required ?
  4. In case of Odata services, do we still need to use CPI DS and SDI for data migration for both Inbound & Outbound or they too are not needed ?
  5. When we need to send data from S/4 cloud to IBP as Inbound, Odata services need to create in S/4 cloud and similarly in case of outbound from IBP to S/4 cloud, Odata services will need to create in IBP ? Please comment.
  6. Also, Odata services can be used for sending both Time series and Order based into IBP ?

FYI, IBP Add On is already installed in S/4 Hana cloud in our client system, can we not just connect it with CPI DS and SDI and start sending data.