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Jan 04, 2022 at 10:35 AM

SAC Planning - Advanced formula - LINK


Hello Experts, I've to manage a calculation with Advanced formulas.

I've operator 1 (Quantity) on Default model, I've operator 2 (COGS per unit) on Linked model

I've to write the results of Operator 1 * Operator 2 on Default model, but some dimension member value must be driven from Operator2: for example Partner company and currency


for Currency I can use a masterdata relationship, but for Company how can I override the source member with operator2 member? if I don't specify a value for Partner company the records are created for all the partner companies

DATA([d/Measures] = "M_AMOUNT", [d/ACCOUNT] = "C_COGS", [d/Currency]  = [d/Company].[p/currency], [d/AS_PCOMPANY] = ???) = RESULTLOOKUP([d/Measures] = "M_QTY", [d/ACCOUNT] = "T_QTY") * LINK([OPERATOR2], [d/Version] = "public.CurrentPlan", [d/Measures] = "M_AMOUNT")
I've simplified the case, Operator1 contains many other dimensions that are correct for the result and therefore should be the left member of the you have any suggestion how to handle this problem? thanks for your collaboration.Kind regards


scrip1.jpg (34.8 kB)