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issue with the communication between sap pi 7.4 and SAP Cloud for Customer using soap control

Feb 21, 2017 at 02:56 PM


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Dear Experts: We are trying to migrate clients, products, prices and other interfaces from ERP to C4C through PI and SOAP channels have an error, please view the attached images.

It is generating an HTTP 500 internal server error while consuming the services.
This has been presented since the release update.

We are not being able to carry out the project's own activities with regard to replicas to be able to go live

The error that we reporte include the interfaces betweeen customers and products. We beleave thats is general problen un input intefases in c4c.

SOAP channels display error on server-side C4C services

soap1.png (60.7 kB)
soap1.png (60.7 kB)
soap-2.png (15.5 kB)
soap4.png (10.1 kB)
soap3.png (35.0 kB)
soap5.png (3.9 kB)
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Bence Somlyo
Feb 24, 2017 at 07:52 AM

Dear Gabriela,

As far as I know there were some movements regarding tenants from one cluster to an other.

In this case need to perform a DNS overriding in tho hosts file and allow the new webdispatcher IP in your firewall for outbound scenarios.

But it is rather a C4C topic from this point, maybe one C4C expert can confirm this.

Best regards,

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Bence Somlyo
Feb 23, 2017 at 09:29 AM

Dear Gabriela,

I assume it is a synchronous scenario. Did the message reach the C4C system, and failed in response? Or it does not even reached the C4C system?

I'm quite sure that the issue is with the content type, what the C4C system sends back to the PI in the response. Because SOAP can accept only the following MIME types:


If you have xpi_inspector tool installed, you can trace it with example 50 (sender and receiver communication channel) and then you will see what is the content type what comes back from C4C. I assume it will be TEXT/HTML.

In this case you should try to use the MessageTransformBean module processor in the Module tab before the standard module.

Parameter name: Transform.ContentType
Value: text/xml

Please refer to help page:

Best regards,

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Former Member

Dear Bence

thanks for your answer. The error is occurring in all interfaces in the direction of C4C (synchronous and asynchronous) we do not believe that it is a configuration in the communication channels since the interfaces were working correctly until before the last upgrade of C4C

We believe the messages are reaching C4C because the message that appears is an HTTP 500 error (internal server error) but the C4C web service call monitor is not visible.

Thanks, Best Regards



Hi Gabriela,

If you are using Certificate authentication, check whether latest Certificates are installed in PI after C4C upgrade.