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Jan 01, 2022 at 11:37 AM

SAP Asset Manager - Posting multiple operation confirmations inside a workorder


Hi Team,

We are working on a MDK customisation where we can post confirmations for all the existing operations inside a work order rather selecting only one operation from list picker.

To achieve this, I have designed a form cell extension page, where the page can load all the operations for specific work order and we can enter data (Duration, Activity Type, Notes etc) to each operation entry. After entering the data and saving the transaction through Done button, I am facing an issue from the Create Entity (ConfirmationCreate.Action).

For the done button, I have mapped the ChangeSet Action where I am calling the confirmation create rule through an Action array. The problem here is for multiple operations while saving the entries the first Op data is saving without any issue, but the confirmation entry page is getting closed while running the change set action for second operation as a result the second entry was not saving as expected.

For me it seems, I am missing something at Create Links rule on the ConfirmationCreate.Action for mapping the links. Kindly suggest how can I keep the context for all the operation entries while saving the confirmations.

Thanks in Advance.