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Jan 06 at 05:51 AM

How to use pivot table in sap ui5 along with olap model and how to work with it?

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Hello Together,

I am currently working on pivot table control. Basically I don't understand how to pass data to it using OLAP model.
In the given sample Pivot Table they are using OLAP Model (om) to pass data as follows


The data provider was defined in manifest file and its name was passed to pivot table property dataProviderName as string like dpDefinedInManifest as follows.


I don't understand which type of data should pass to those parameters of dataProvider. Can anyone please help me out from this?

My requirement is to show the data of 2C view in the Pivot table using OLAP Model. For this I tried to instantiate the OLAP model, prepared the data provider information(dataSourceName, dataSourceType, packageName etc.,) and passed to the OLAP Model. Also mentioned in the Pivot table's dataProvider property as below.


In the view I just take a page and adding Pivot table as content for this page in the controller.


When I try to run this code, getting following errors


Please kindly explain about this pivot table and OLAP model and how to pass data to it and which type of data should pass?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

Satya Kalyan Chennu


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