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Jan 05, 2022 at 08:29 AM

Successfactors Time-Off and Timesheet Implementation


As per our current business practice, all our custom logics and rules are built in SAP on-premise system which check employees attendance and absences for each day in a month and then the system as per the logics built, automatically applies leaves in SAP infotype 2001. For eg: If an employee's attendance(2011) and absence(2001) is not available in the system then system will automatically apply Leave without pay for that employee for that particular day when we run the custom program. But instead of continuing this practice, we are exploring the functionality to built these logics in SF itself so that all the time management related calculations like carryover, leave lapse, leave quota generation, automatic leave apply on employee portal in SF etc could happen in SuccessFactors and then only the refined data can be sent to SAP on-premise system for payroll process.

We reached out to some of the partners and we received below points:

1. This is not achievable through time-off & timesheet.

2. We can use Time tracking module (But its still not implemented in India for above explained scenario)

3. Possible through CPI and all the logics could be built in there itself which will then automatically apply leave in employee's portal.

Please note that we are getting data for 17000+ employees on daily basis.

Requesting you to kindly suggest and provide your expertise.