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Jan 02, 2022 at 12:42 PM

gCTS related query


Hi Gurus,

I am going to use the gCTS application for TR and ultimately CI/CD purpose. We are going to have a 4 environment landscape. below are few queries that I have, can you please provide some clarity.

1. What is the best way to set up the github repository? Should we use 2 branch structure or 4 branch structure for prod and non-prod(3) environment?

2. If we use 2 branch structure, one for non-prod and one for prod. When we release the TR in dev it performs the commit in Github repository. Does this mean that the code is updated in all the non-prod environments ? Or the code is only updated when pulled to the specific environment ?

3. Conflict resolution requires, setting auto push and pull set to false. If we implement this feature then does this mean automatic CI/CD won't be possible ? If its still feasible to do automation then how its impacted if conflict resolution is selected.

4. Through Fiori gCTS app if we activate an old commit in ACC environment will this make that commit activated in DEV and non-Prod environment also, in case we have the same branch active in all environments?


Sonal Saurabh