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May 12, 2006 at 03:26 AM

how to fetch more than field back into the sap scrupt from the subroutione


where are all the data of the users

Is it possible to fetch more than one field back in the sap script from the subroutine that is written in the a differnt program

for eg;

chekc my statements

perform <f1> in program <p1>

using <u1>

using <u2>

chanhing <c1>

changing <c2>


in program p1 i code as below

Form f1 TABLES in_tab STRUCTURE ITCSY out_tab


read table in_tab index 1.

select single * from t001 where bukrs = in_tab-value.

if sy-subrc eq 0.

read table out_tab index 1.

move t001-butxt TO <b><i>out_tab-value</i></b>.

move t001-adrnr to l_adrnr.

select single * from adrc where addrnumber = l_adrnr.

move adrc-po_box to <b><i>out_tab-value</i></b>.

move adrc-city2 to <b><i>out_tab-value</i></b>.

modify out_tab index 1.


how should i fetch back the values to the subroutine