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Dec 29, 2021 at 05:53 PM

SAP Analytics cloud Planning - new model for bringing both LC and GC data

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Hi all.

we are facing issues in trying to implement the following sac planning scenario.

Requirement details -

a. we need to source both Local currency (LC) and Group currency (GC) data (actuals only) of a single measure say (CAPEX) from BW to SAC.

b. Once data is imported, then we need to perform some calculations in sac (currently account based)

c. The output of these calculations will give two KPIs - Reported CAPEX and Benefit CAPEX

d. Business colleague should be able to perform the adhoc analysis via data analyzer ( slicing/ dicing on different combinations of dimensions etc.)

e. Business colleague should be see the different toggles ( say currency toggle, measure input control for CAPEX, Reported & Benefit CAPEX and other sac standard input controls)

Solution on New Model without the account dimension (Measure based) -

a. Two base measures ( say CAPEX_LC & CAPEX_GC) to be used for both LC & GC data

b. Calculation measure to have the calculations ( lookup() etc.).

c. as an output, we have now 4 measures - Reported_CAPEX_LC, Reported_CAPEX_GC, Benefit_CAPEX_LC & Benefit_CAPEX_GC that shows the correct value.


a. we are not able to have the currency/ rate input control ( say on click of currency input control - I can choose from "GC", "LC" or any other rate) that could drive the data in a table with the selection of the KPI from the measure input control ( measure input control should only show the Reported CAPEX, Benefit CAPEX & CAPEX - the reason for the same is business user does not care about the nature of KPI whether it is in GC or LC)

b. we were able to get this required toggling experience in the classic model with one single measure say CAPEX_LC and then create the required rates via the cross calculation conversion and then have them populated via the currency input control along with the measure input control ( now we are only talking about LC or GC)

Please refer to the attached screenshot.




Questions -

a. With the pre converted actuals enabled on the classic model - we need to show Actuals at a different rate.

Can we show Actuals at a different rate ?

b. How can we implement the scenario with new model ( measure based model)

Let me know your thoughts on the same.


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