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Dec 29, 2021 at 02:06 PM

Cannot create Restricted Measure filtered by time range when the model is coming from DWC


Hi Community, we are having an issue when trying to create a measure restricted on a dinamic time range in SAC, when the source is an Analytical Dataset from DWC.

These are the steps:

1- Create an Analytical Dataset in DWC with at least one measure and one Time dimension and expose it for consumption.

2- Create an Story in SAC with that Analytical Dataset

3- Create a new Restricted Measure: select any Measure and the Time dimension.

4- In "Values or Input Controls" try to select any of the Range filtering options (i.e. "SELECTION>Select by Range" or "SELECTION>Current Period>To Date>Year"

5- Nothing happend

Have you also experience this issue?

Thanks in advance.