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Dec 28, 2021 at 04:22 PM

ESEF missingLabelLanguage Warning


Hello Marc Kuipers ,

I´m getting several warnings related with label language misconfiguration like this:

[ESEF.3.4.5.missingLabelForRoleInReportLanguage] Label for periodEndLabel role SHOULD be available in report language for concepts: ifrs-full:CashAndCashEquivalents, ifrs-full:Equity. - 400, 2341

I checked my taxonomy files (base and extended) and I realized that spanish label file esef_cor-lab-es.xml wasn´t avalaible in the base folder (I forgot to put inside) and extended taxonomy DTS was also incorrect. I´ve fixed that errors and uploaded again to SAP DM following steps indicated in your manual. However, in Excel XBRL Mapper concepts labels don´t change to spanish language when i select it as you can see in the image attached.

Due to impossibility to resolve by this way, I thought that maybe the error is located in the XBRL entry point because likely isn´t catching extended taxonomy updates. I rolled out a new period setting XBRL entry point again but the issue persists.

I hope this error will be the very last that i can´t resolve by myself.

Happy New ESEF Year!!



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image.png (89.6 kB)
image.png (68.7 kB)