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Dec 27, 2021 at 02:13 PM

Multiple SAP ECC mapping to CAR POSDTA 5.0


we are using CAR POSDTA 5.0 to aggregate the sales & post the aggregated sales in SAP ECC system.

Currently, we have done the SLT for ECC master data for one ECC server & maintained the physical schema with 'SAP_ECC' authoring schema in hana sutdio.

& the physical schema is also maintained in SAP POSDTA against '/POSDW/SAP_ECC (via t code - DB_SCHEMA_MAP).

Now we want to do SLT from one more SAP ECC client into CAR. we have enabled the configuration for multiple ECC & mapped the client against logical system.

How can we replicated the another SAP ECC into CAR ?

1. should we replicate the second SAP ECC data into same physical schema (physical schema created for SAP ECC1) with respective client code or

2. should we replicate the second SAP ECC data in another physical schema. if yes, then how SAP determine master data of correct ERP for master data validation.


Sunil Heda