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May 11, 2006 at 09:50 PM

How to remove Competetors TAB from PCUI Opportunity create trx


Hi Group,

we are using CRM 5.0, i want to remove Competitor's TAB from PCUI Opportunity Transaction. i see a option in CRMC_BLUEPRINT_C transaction-> Application/Layout->Define layout of the people-centric UI(Customizing tool). here i went to CRMD_BUS2000111-> Version 1-> Static model-> Tabpage groups-> OPP_1: when i clicked on this i got all Tab's details. but when i tried making OPP_HD_COMP "Inactive" and hit Save that Check mark goes away. tried many times but did not help.

then i tried going to CRMC_BLUEPRINT_C transaction->Application element-> tab page group structure->OPP_1: here i dont see any entries. do i have to add all Opportunity Tab's details here or only the Competetor tab details?

Please let me know does anybody see all Tab's data here or you just enter all Tabs data manually in CRM 5.0? also how can i remove Competetors Tab? your help is appreciated and awarded.