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Dec 23, 2021 at 06:56 PM

Correct filename with namespace?


I am creating a .hdbtable file and need to deploy it to my database. The namespace created during creation of a Project is "Varun_NS1" .

Following is the code

column table "PERFORMANCE"( "ID" INTEGER unique not null COMMENT 'Employee ID', "EVALUATION_RATING" DOUBLE COMMENT 'Evaluation results', "REPORTS_TO" INTEGER not null COMMENT 'Reports to Manager', "FEEDBACK_COMMENT" NVARCHAR(512) COMMENT 'Feedback comment', "SATISFACTION_INDEX" DOUBLE COMMENT 'Employee given rating', PRIMARY KEY ("ID"))

COMMENT 'Performance evaluation record'

Error: "PERFORMANCE" has to be prefixed with the namespace "Varun_NS1" and the name must not contain additional ':' characters after the namespace prefix [8200530]

What should be the name of the table in this file to remove the error ?