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Dec 22, 2021 at 03:15 PM

Eclipse ADT executes programs twice


When I run any ABAP report from Eclipse, it executes twice. It started doing this some time ago, can't remember when.

The behaviour is independent of backend - it does it on S/4 as well as my 7.52 developer system. So a simple Hello World program will run, print the output and when I click the yellow back arrow it runs again. If I use cl_demo_output it pos up with the dialog, and when I close the popup it pops up again.

I've debugged and the execution terminates normally as far as I can follow the ABAP portion so it's started from ADT.

Has anyone else seen this?

Eclipse 2021-09 on MacOS, everything patched up to the latest version (ADT 3.22.3)