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Dec 21, 2021 at 09:29 AM

Posting only possible in periods 2021/12 and 2021/ 11


today month is 12th December 2021.

While creating GR error occurred and say

Posting only possible period 2021/12 and 2021/11 .

Then I go to MMRV says :

current period- 12 2021

Previous period - 11 2021 and

last period in previous year - 12 2020 .

Then I go to MMPV says : From company code MV00( my company code )

Here this month is December (V3) so I try to change period to 9.. but error occurred saying:

Mode : check and close period

Period entered : 092021

Incorrect period in control rec. Of CoCd MV00; no conversion The current period ( month/year) of the control record is 122021

Period closing complete; log issued ....

i aslo trying to maintain in OMSY but there are also error.

i aslo maintain fiscal year variant ( BE) and also assigned company code to fiscal year variant . But same error occurred.